Encrypted Glass 2022 5 x 11 x .5in.

Brass machined frame and etched magnifying glass.

Tamperproof Bolt 2022 1.5 x .625 x .25 in.

These custom brass machined heart security bolts can only be unlocked with their matching aluminum bit.

Outlet 2022 2.75 x 4.5 in.

Decorative glitter acrylic outlet covers expose hidden items and infrastructures.

Seduce and Scheme 2023 Dimensions Variable

Workshop to be taught at Pioneer Works where we will collectively brainstorm misuses for feminized objects, followed by a generative writing exercise.‚Äč In the following session, participants will have the opportunity to present proposals and/or prototypes, originating from the writing exercise.

Pocket NDA 2023 3.5 x 2 in.

A small unilateral NDA perfect for protecting gossip divulged.

Lorem Ipsum 2023 Dimensions Variable

Lorem ipsum is a medium of nothing, words are used only to take up as much space is available. We cowrote a dummy text that we could use in a decorative manner across multiple pieces.

  1. A. Panic Piggy Bank, 2023. Etched panic push bar, aluminum square, brass, coins, hardware, 80 x 36 x 8 in.
  2. B. Soror Vanitas Dolorem Ipsum, 2023. Brass plated aluminum, etched glass, mirror. 29 x 15 x 48 in.

Intercom In progress Prototype

An intercom with feminized inflection.

Surveillance Compact In progress Prototype

Two compacts that connect to each other, one is a camera and the other has the screen with the live surveillance feed.